Generate donations for the SC Maritime Museum offers “one stop shopping” with over 300 popular stores and the opportunity to donate to the South Carolina Maritime Museum at no extra cost to you with the advantage of exclusive sales and discounts. Planning a trip? Be sure to visit and make use of the Travel Planning section. Each time you book airfare, hotels, cruises, rail, car rentals and more, you can donate a percentage of your purchase amount for to the South Carolina Maritime Museum.

Here are just some of the participating stores. (Click here to browse more stores). Don’t forget that for your donation to be counted, be sure to start each shopping trip at and select “South Carolina Maritime Museum”.

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3) Start shopping. Use the left sidebar to browse categories such as Apparel, Books, Computers, Pets, Sporting Goods or Travel Planning or select "Shop Specials" for featured offers.

4) For your donation to be counted, be sure to start each shopping trip at

5) Track your shopping donations: Log in. Go to MY ACCOUNT and find "Take a look at your support and donations history!".


“As museums increasingly find themselves fighting for limited charitable and governmental resources, it became obvious that they need new avenues to improve financial independence. became a way to raise awareness of the need for financial support while providing an easy way for anyone to donate to help their favorite organization.”

Marilynne Eichinger, Founder of

“Shopping through this website is quick and easy. It is well organized and I have links to stores I might not have thought of by just random surfing. And of course, the biggest plus is that I can help the organizations that are important to me.”

Sue Anderson,Supporter of Midland Center for the Arts,Midland, MI