The Harbor Historical Association of Georgetown has committed to create the South Carolina Maritime Museum on the waterfront in downtown historic Georgetown. HHA is a tax exempt 501(c)(3) group which began in 1996 with a mission to preserve and promote the maritime history of Georgetown County and South Carolina.

Your Support

Thanks to the strong support of the Georgetown Wooden Boat Show by the Georgetown community since the early 90’s, the Show has grown to become the best of its kind on the southeast coast. With its growth has come enough prosperity to enable the Harbor Historical Association (HHA), the group that has run the Show from its start, to invest in a maritime museum, a long term goal of the group. The museum opened its doors in late 2011 with a small, but tasteful, beginning and with a vision of also becoming the best of its kind in the Southeast.

Now home to the prized Fresnel lens of the old North Island lighthouse, the South Carolina Maritime Museum’s mission is to create enjoyable experiences for both young people and adults by featuring photographs, documents, artifacts, and interactive exhibits related to South Carolina’s rich and remarkable maritime history. Come join us at our new waterfront home and watch us grow!