2010 GWBS Poster


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Fugacity, by Jim Calk

Jim Calk and his artist wife, Betsy Havens (she was the 2008 Wooden Boat Show poster artist) have an art gallery on Front Street. Their studio, located in the back of the gallery, overlooks the Sampit River and the Georgetown Riverwalk. 

Many boats are docked along the river, but the boat Calk chose to paint for the Wooden Boat Show poster has sat on stilts at nearby Hazard Marina for a decade. The boat is called Fugacity.

“I looked it up,” Calk says. “Fugacity means fleeting, transitory, fading early, like the bloom of a flower falling off before it’s ready. When we started coming to Georgetown one of the first things I saw was that boat. For some reason it didn’t jump up on the canvas, but I always wanted to paint it. But when the boat show poster opportunity came along, I knew immediately what it was going to be, and the boat almost hopped right up on the canvas. It didn’t give me a bit of trouble.”