Crab Queen Puzzle



Puzzles That Rock, is a small family owned business. We create unique jigsaw puzzles, proudly Made In The USA, using the highest quality cardboard available on the market. You will not find a better quality puzzle out there. We truly enjoy every aspect of creating puzzles for puzzle lovers. Each and every title is a photograph taken by us, of items collected by us. We have so much fun doing what we do and we're grateful that you keep us doing it. ~Matt, Lisa Claflin

Crab Queen

The blue crab name comes from the tint of the claw. Mature females have red highlights on theirs. In this photo, 1 female climbed to the top of a pile of male crabs, our kids said she was king of the mountain...we titled this one Crab Queen. This 550 piece puzzle is 18x24 inches and is made in the USA. This Puzzle is made with soy based paint and recycled cardboard.