Video Gallery

An Excursion to the Georgetown Lighthouse

An Excursion to the Georgetown Lighthouse from Celie Dailey (July 2014) on Vimeo.

The Lumber Boom of Coastal South Carolina

This 18 minute documentary video includes the history of the HENRIETTA (at about the 6 minute mark).


The Wreck of the Leif Eriksson Prop Salvage (August 2013)

SCMM Video Archive.  Producer: Rich Taylor - Flooded Lens Productions

 Youth Sailing Camp (July 2013)


Lowcountry Waterways: Commerce and Transportation of the Late 1800s  (July 2013)

South Carolina ETV (May 2012)

 InsideOut with Diane DeVaughn Stokes (August 2012)

Tripsmarter (November 2012)